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Roger Dubuis Replica

Bucci explains, "I design things to make it harder for myself. I try to achieve finishes that appear one way while actually doing another." The sparkle of white gold makes the watch look like it's paved with diamonds.

In 2017, the first Frosted Gold pieces were introduced in white gold and rose-gold, measuring 33mm and 37mm. They immediately turned heads and took SIHH on a storm. This watch finish has never before created such a buzz in the watch industry.

Roger Dubuis Replica then introduced a 41mm size in white gold, which was limited to only 200 pieces. This size appealed to men and women. The Frosted Gold was a popular choice for men, but women wanted something a little bigger.

Roger Dubuis Replica's introduction was a major coup for the brand.roger dubuis replica It was not only a beautiful version of the Roger Dubuis Replica but it was also different from everything else on the market. Roger Dubuis Replica took a big risk by using a jewelry technique on an iconic watch, but it paid off.

Yellow Frosted Gold

This time, the collection is in yellow gold. Bucci says that this is her ultimate version. She has wanted to create it since she got the original idea. She admits that when she launched the first frosted white gold and pink rose gold versions, they were for her a test to see if it would work. "Everything I do is for me, and I only design what I want to design. I wanted to earn this collaboration with the watchmaker before doing it. The watches were a huge success, and now it's time to move on to yellow gold.

She continues, "I love yellow metal and that's really my favorite." "I love yellow gold. I wear it in all colors, but it is my favorite. "This is the watch I want."

Mirror, Mirror

Roger Dubuis Replica's original dial was the tapisserie dial, which has now become synonymous with Franck Muller. Bucci also wanted to make this change in the yellow-gold version but was met with strong opposition from the brand.

She explains, "I messed around with the case,Rolex Replica Watches the bracelet and the dial on the first watch. But I left it untouched." "But I wanted to incorporate the dial into this watch as well. The first thing they said when I explained what I was going to do was no. Because I'm stubborn and confident I pushed on and wanted to give it a try. I was told this dial had been the same for years, but I knew that we needed to move forward. I convinced them the mirror effect would contrast beautifully with the irregularity in the Florentine finish. Mirror finish dials are a nightmare to produce because they leave no room for error, dust or scratches. We achieved perfection, which is the only way to go. The result is even better than I imagined.